Who We Are

Our mission is"Restoring lives to the love of God" and we accomplish this by;

- Encountering God's presence
- Operating in the gifts of the spirit
- Reaching the lost
- Fostering meaningful relationships
- Providing credible leadership
All done in the spirit of excellence.

1. Encountering the Presence of God

        "At New Life Church, we are creating a God-focused atmosphere for a genuine Worship experience"
2. Operating in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
        "At New Life Church, we Operate in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and are committed to helping Believers identify and operate in those gifts as well, according to Scripture. The goal being to develop a living expectation for the opportunity of the Holy Spirit to move through us in His Gifts."
3. Reaching the Lost
    * Outreach
        "At New Life Church, we are actively embracing our Community, identifying its needs (both spiritual and physical) in order to display the Love of Jesus in a Real and Dynamic way." 
    * Missions
        "At New Life Church, we are focused on Spiritually and Physically supporting Foreign Missions and Missionaries of proven integrity. We believe ongoing, candid communication is the Key to relationships that enable this support"
4. Fostering Meaningful Relationships
        "At New Life Church, we are focused on Fostering Meaningful Relationships by connecting People to God, People to People and People to Ministry."
5Providing Credible Leadership
        "At New Life Church, we are continually training our leadership in Biblical Principles to equip the Saints for the work of the Ministry."