Ministry to Muslims (anonymous family)
  God has given us a passion for Muslims and we want to share  the truth of Jesus Christ with them. Our aim is to live ordinary lives in Arab nations where Muslims can have life on life experiences with us as Christians. Through sharing our faith, prayer and the working of the Holy Spirit; we hope to plant small house churches where Jesus can be treasured. We are currently a part of a training center abroad where people are learning how to reach Muslims.

Church Asia
  This is an organization headed up by Rick and Beverly Zachary. They have been in active missions work for over 25 years and continue to maintain a track record of integrity and ministerial success, raising up National Indigenous Leadership. They have successfully established Churches in the Asian nations of Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
   We, at New Life Church, are active supporters of this organization and their Apostolic Leadership.                                                   
Here is a link to their website:

 Charles and Amanda Gravely
   "We are missionaries to the universities of Belgium. We believe that the university years are a crucial time in the lives of students, a crossroads of life decisions and relationships. At this point in life, we want to invite students to "look to the ancient paths" of walking with God.  In a culture of isolation and secularism, we are striving to build a community of believers that will lift up the name of Jesus!"
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Sparo is a Christian Media organization founded by Jonathan and Megan Reaux. The purpose of the organization is to sow the seeds of God's truth into the hearts of the lost, using media like a crop duster to spread those seeds around the world. They are currently working on Yoeli, an animated series aimed at East African children, that will be aired across TV stations in both Kenya and Tanzania. The series will engage the issues children face in these regions, and use Bible stories to present God's truth. Not only will Yoeli be seen on TV, but also as a Vacation Bible School throughout countless churches in East Africa. It will also be seen in movie showings through organizations like World Vision, Compassion International and others that deal with children in rural communities, which do not have access to television. All in all, Yoeli will impact millions of lives in East Africa and beyond!

Sparo Ministries
310 Milton Rd.
Maurice, LA 70555



Kody and Meaghan Barbier are independent missionaries to Kenya, Africa credentialed through the Assemblies of God. They are directors of the Korogocho REFUGE School and Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. The school currently has 190 children who attend school and 11 of those students live on the property. The Barbier's also have a heart to evangelize in unreached areas where the Gospel of Jesus Christ has not been proclaimed! They are now beginning to lay a foundation for ministry to Somali people living in Kenya.

US Info:
Barbier Ministries, Inc
PO Box 5753
Shreveport, LA 71135

Kenya Info:
Kody & Meaghan Barbier
PO Box 2032-00621
Village Market
Nairobi, Kenya